Artist Rolf Sachs is recognised for his distinctive, conceptual approach, which he applies across a multitude of mediums, ranging from sculpture, object, light, installation, through to architectural projects and set design for opera and ballet. Sachs creates work that draws upon the subconscious and aims to gain access to the collective memory. The common thread that runs through his multi-disciplinary work is his passion for experimentation and invention, which drives him to challenge the applications of materials, processes and everyday objects. By removing them from their normal context, he redefines their substance and their function, injecting them with character and creating powerful, emotional connections. His work has been showcased internationally in art galleries and museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum for Applied Art, Köln.

Rolf Sachs was born in Switzerland in 1955. After studying in the US and the UK in the late 80’s, Sachs moved to London in 1994 to focus on his artistic career. In 2018 Sachs will move to Rome and set up a new studio.