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‘Maillot/Millepied’ at Staatsballett Berlin


Rolf’s ‘Altro Canto‘ set design, which was originally designed for the Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in 2006, forms part of the ‘Maillot/Millepied’ performance at the Staatsballett Berlin. It is named after the two choreographers whose works are being staged: Jean-Christophe Maillot, until recently the Artistic Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, and Benjamin Millepied.


For Rolf, the ‘Altro Canto’ set design was an exercise in minimalism, where a purist aesthetic ensured any decorative or extraneous elements were pared back to offer a poetic and powerful design. In ever new constellations more than one hundred candles ‘float’ above the stage and illuminate the otherwise empty space, using a subtle choreography of natural flickering light to capture the moments between light and darkness.

Tickets are still available for performances in November 2017 and June 2018

There is a nice article on Rolf’s Altro Canto set design in Die Welt.