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‘Camera in Motion’ preview showing at Artmasters

Galerie von Bartha presents a preview of the Camera in Motion: from Chur to Tirano photographic project by artist Rolf Sachs at St Moritz Art Masters 2013, supported by Leica Camera.

Fleeting moments of the spectacular landscape along the World Heritage Rhaetian Albula/Bernina Railway are being photographed over the course of an entire year to form an extensive and breathtaking collection of photographs that blur the boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography.

The Leica camera lends itself as an exceptional tool to capture the transient impressions of the landscape, the motion of trees rushing by, passengers at the stations, stones blurred, challenging the viewer to experience this famous journey in an unexpected and new light.

The results of shooting from the moving train are a multi-faceted collection of captivating photographs that demonstrate the changes of the seasons and lighting conditions in a distinctive combination of abstraction and reality. The images are as unexpected as they are diverse; greatly differing from the impressions the human eye would usually register when in motion.

This is Sachs’s second large scale photographic project that he has developed together with his wife Maryam, following ‘The Wild Emperor’ project in 2004, which documented the ever-changing view of a mountain scape spanning over an entire year. For ‘Camera in Motion’ he applied his renowned conceptual approach to the spectacular Albula/Bernina train journey between Thusis in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy where Sachs and local photographer Daniel Martinek began shooting in December 2012.

The first selection of photographic prints from the various journeys are being presented by Galerie von Bartha and Leica Camera at St. Moritz Art Masters in August this year with the full scope of the project and book being launched in early 2014.

Vernissage: Sunday 25 August 2013, 6pm-8.30pm

Opening: 23 August – 1 September 2013, 10am-6pm daily

Address: Schlossereiwerkstatt, Via Aruons 33, CH – 7500 St. Moritz