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‘2π’ Fortis watch launch at Baselworld

The FORTIS 2π watch is the fourth collaboration between designer, Rolf Sachs, and Swiss watchmaker FORTIS.

Mathematically inspired and using the designer’s own handwriting to form equations and formulas, this watch is a playful, visual interpretation of our desire to manage that most uncontrollable aspect of our lives: time itself.

The 2π watch face shows a puzzle of mathematical workings-out, presented in Sachs’ distinctive style, which merges personality, character and chaos with a scientific aesthetic. 

Rolf Sachs comments: “2π is a mathematical constant, seen everywhere in our everyday lives. It exists and brings order to the simplest and most natural of objects, from the shape of our eyes to the ripples of a splashing raindrop. Time, on the other hand, like human existence, is fluid and chaotic and ultimately, uncontrollable. It is that duality and tension between science and creativity that I wanted to explore here – something I find particularly fascinating.”

Available as a limited edition of 150 pieces worldwide through approved FORTIS stockists.