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‘alpine 2’ exhibition at Vieux Chalet with Hauser&Wirth

Rolf Sachs is showing a series of new works alongside some iconic pieces for an exhibition presented in collaboration with Hauser & Wirth at the Vieux Chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. The exhibition features sculpture, portraiture and a large-scale site-specific neon installation on the exterior and invites visitors to explore pieces throughout the Chalet.


On view from February 12-18, 2016, the exhibition reflects Sachs’ conceptual approach influenced by alpine history, culture and craftsmanship.
Sachs draws much of his inspiration from the immediate surroundings of the exhibition, which results in a show specific to its environment. Imbuing everyday objects with passion and humour, his creations aim to surprise the viewer, while offering new perspectives and intimate experiences. The artist injects his perceptions of the region into personal works that celebrate local traditions, craftsmanship and landscape.


Visitors are welcomed by the powerful statement of Sachs’ iconic ice pick slammed into the wall through a piece of felt, a bold juxtaposition of a traditional object with the unexpected. ‘Hay Fling’ (2015), an installation that freezes a moment in time by capturing a bundle of hay flying in mid-air, expresses a familiar feeling of lightness and freedom. In the site-specific intervention ‘Rocks’ (2015), stones collected by Sachs from the local mountain region, appear to pierce through the wall.
The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Hauser & Wirth and is on view by appointment only.