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‘red run’ for Selfridges ‘Re Work-It’

Rolf Sachs creates ‘red run’ for Selfridges ‘Re Work-It’ chair installation to raise money for The Art Room charity

Fair & co has collaborated with the ‘Art Room’  and invited Artists, designers & architects to transform the classic Ernest Race BA2 chair – creating variations for an installation cascading from the atrium ceiling in Selfridges.

In typical Rolf Sachs fashion, ‘red run’ takes two familiar objects and injects then with warmth, humour and energy. Reminiscent of childhood, the piece merges the iconic Ernest Race BA2 chair with a sledge to create a witty, surreal and truly memorable object.

Rolf Sachs quote:

“This was a great opportunity for me to create a piece that conjured up the spirit of childhood; one of excitement, fun and, of course, humour.”

For further info go to artroom or afternyne.