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Sachs showing at Collective 2 Design Fair

Rolf will be exhibiting two of his classic ‘Koln’ chair designs with ammann//gallery in New York for the Design Collective 2 Design Fair in New York from the 8th-11th May 2014.


The doppelstuhl and the stuhl mit spion (chair with spyhole), form part of Sachs’ renowned ‘koln collection’ where he takes the classic HorgenGlarus chair, a purely functional piece of furniture, and turns it in to a work with emotional resonance. Through constant reinterpretation, the chair has become a signature piece and an ideal blank canvas for Sachs’ ongoing experimentations with its form, using materials as diverse as silicone, slate, flexible rubber and resin. The chairs in the collection transcend their original purpose, each taking on a new personality that goes beyond pure functionality.


Collective 2 Design Fair / New York

Preview: 7th May 2014

Booth C5 / ammann//gallery